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Paint Correction | Ceramic Coatings | Paint Protection Film


I'm Larry Bishop and relocated my family to Charlotte in 2016 from the DC Metro area. As an active car enthusiast in Charlotte, I am pleased to offer a low volume and personable approach to auto detailing. My skillset has been evolving over the past 20 years with the current focus on paint correction (machine polishing), ceramic coatings, and paint protection film (clear bra). My primary goal is collaborating with yourself to determine your needs while striving for a long term relationship that ensures your vehicles are maintained in their best condition.

Professional Services

What We Provide

**20% Non-Refundable Deposit Required to Set Appointment**


Meet and Greet: FREE

An in person consultation is the most effective means for determining your needs and how I can best assist with achieving your goals. This is a free service that allows us to meet and go over the current condition of your vehicles to determine which package is best suited for your needs.

Level 1: Protection Detail

Bi-Annual Maintenance: $225+

  • *Primarily reserved for existing clients*

  • Safe Exterior Wash (3 bucket method)

  • Wheel Faces and Barrels cleaned

  • Tires Degreased & conditioned

  • Clay Treatment to remove surface contaminates

  • Durable Paint Sealant applied to all painted surfaces (~6 month duration)

  • Interior Leather Surfaces cleaned and conditioned

  • Interior Hard Surfaces cleaned and conditioned (dash, console, doors, etc)

  • Windows cleaned

  • Interior & Trunk Vacuum

Level 2: Paint Enhancement

Baseline for New Clients: $425+

  • All items in Level 1 plus the following:

  • Light Machine Polish to remove fine surface scratches and restore gloss

  • 2 Layer Paint Sealant & Wax

  • Iron Treatment to remove embedded contaminates

Level 3: Paint Correction & Sealant

Swirl & Scratch Removal: $650+

  • All Services in Level 1 plus the following:

  • Single or Double Stage Paint Correction to remove fine to medium surface scratches

  • Ceramic Sealant applied to all painted surfaces

  • Iron Treatment

  • Leather Protection (4 month SiO2 based coating to mitigate staining)

  • Windshield Rain Repellent

  • In person consultation recommended to review current paint condition

Level 4: Ceramic Coatings

Superior Longevity: $1,000+

  • All Services in Level 3 Plus the following:

  • Professional Installer of Feynlab and IGL Ceramic Coatings

  • Various options including 1yr, 3y, 5yr expected life

  • In person consultation required

Level 5: Paint Protection Film

Ultimate Protection: $Varies

  • Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Clear Bra provides unraveled scratch and stain resistance

  • Technology has improved vastly over the last several years with 10 year manufacturer warrantied film against defects and yellowing

  • Coverage areas are vast, including bumpers, headlights, b-pillars, hoods, etc

'Larry, to say I’m happy with the result is a huge understatement! Thanks so much for your hard work and going above and beyond. Folks, your look for a detailer starts and stops with NC Detail Garage. Larry is super collaborative and transparent, keeping your mind at ease about selecting the best option for your circumstance and progress along the way. He definitely does not upsell, quickly gaining my trust. He truly went above and beyond for me. My car was in pretty rough shape when he started. Total transformation. It’s like a brand new car. He has a keen attention to detail and passion about getting it right, which makes me certain he goes above and beyond every time. I’ll be in touch about the rest of my garage :)'

Jesse B.

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